“The book is well-written and very informative. The reader will definitely get all the facts and consequences of abortion which should help make an informed decision.

I like the fact that it is clear and simple enough for anyone to understand irrespective of their level of education. 
It is also made interesting by the real life examples which makes it relatable.

This book will help many people who rush into the big abortion decision without having proper information and knowledge.”

Sarah, Psychotherapist


“Your book was required reading on our course and the participants gave this positive feedback:

- the book is easy to read, and dip in and out of.

- the book is completely open and non-judgemental.

- the information is handled in a factual but gentle way.

- the chapter on men and abortion is eye opening.

- the breast cancer chapter is interesting.

- it takes the reader through the decision-making process and the options available.

 “Thanks for such a practical book to aid people in a very challenging decision!”

Rebecca Johnson, Pregnancy Counselling Skills Course tutor, Image, Manchester, 1

“I read it straight through cover-to-cover twice.”

A school girl aged 18

“Well written and readable book for physicians, parents, teens and older on the topic of abortion and pregnancy.” 

“The well-organized chapters consist of excellent questions with thoughtful and easily understood answers.”

“An outstanding reference for anyone interested in a cogent discussion on pregnancy versus abortion.  Great read!”

Byron C. Calhoun, MD, FACOG, FACS, FASAM, MBA.  

  "This is a vital book and I encouraged all my staff to buy one."

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Midlands

 "At last someone has got on and written this book which is so needed."

Doctor, Midlands

"It is essential that women and their partners are adequately informed about the possible effects of abortion on them and follow-on pregnancies."

Dr Trevor Stammers, Senior GP, London

This book is an essential resource for anyone considering an abortion or for anyone with a pastoral/advisory role. It is comprehensive and well laid out so it’s easy to find the relevant area. It is balanced, objective and evidence-based with thorough referencing.

James E.

What a fresh approach to such a dividing issue. This book is a non-judgemental, clearly laid out, easy read. It is good for health professionals, men, older woman and younger women-like myself. It lays out the bare statistics, which I had no idea of, shares life...

5* Amazon Review from CELIA

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