Dr Houghton

Author, GP


Dr Houghton has been supporting women, men and families for over 35 years.

He was a GP in Sheffield from 1990 to 2014. He has worked abroad, mainly in Israel/Palestine. He is a medical graduate from Charing Cross Hospital in London. He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners and holds the family planning certificate, diplomas in obstetrics and gynaecology, child health and anaesthetics. He lives in Yorkshire and has 3 adult children. In 2014 he retired from seeing patients due to chronic pain.

“I decided to write because I wanted to bring ordinary people a helpful handbook with reliable information around the dilemmas of pregnancy, abortion, parenting and adoption. There is so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know - that’s what amazed me while writing this book. And, if that was true for me as a working doctor, it may be true for you. So, I am driven by a desire to inform you so you can make your own choices which will affect future health and happiness.

There is a lot on the internet, but I haven't found a decision-making pathway and essential information all in one place.

While pregnancy and abortion move emotions deeply, we authors have tried to be objective, to leave you free to think it through using both your head and listening to your own heart.

Countless people lose out without full information. This book is written for you. You are the person who makes the big choices. You are the one who lives with the consequences - not the friends, professionals and abortion providers.

Thinking over a pregnancy decision, often with the clock ticking, can be a difficult thing to do. The experts call it a journey to make. So, a very experienced female pregnancy counsellor has created a roadmap taking you through making choices.”


Dr Esther Lüthy

Author, Gynaecologist


Dr Esther Lüthy

Dr Esther Lüthy is a Swiss and British registered doctor for internal medicine and obstetrics and gynaecology.

Professor John Wyatt

Professor John Wyatt, who has written the chapter ‘Premature Birth After Abortion’, is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London – he is an experienced and highly respected author.