In 2017, an estimated 200,000 British women choose to have an abortion.

By the time they are 50, 1 in 3 British women will have had an abortion.

Yet, while there are countless books available to talk excited expectant mothers through the processes of pregnancy and birth, there are very few books which offer a balanced guide on what to expect – and what to do – if your pregnancy is unintended and/or unwelcome.

In this insightful book Dr Mark Houghton and a team of medical professionals offer a companion along the way.

  • an informed, balanced and accessible guide to parenting, abortion and adoption.

  • includes charts and diagrams to help women (either by themselves or with their partner or other advisers) to work through the decision making process themselves and with their doctor.

  • discusses the different kinds of abortion available at various stages of pregnancy, and the criteria on which medical decisions should be made about abortion, as well as the short-term and long-term risks involved.

  • explores recent research which suggests an increased risk of breast cancer after abortion and statistics indicating that women who have had an abortion are more likely to die at a young age than those who have given birth or never had an abortion

  • includes chapters for men, teenagers, medical professionals, and on issues such as pre-birth disability tests and spirituality.

 The Choices Community:

  • Female-focused and led.

  • Empathetic and non-judgemental. Everyone welcome and accepted as they are.

  • Hard dilemmas are faced with honesty and without slapping down over easy answers.

  • Easy-to-access practical information on unwanted pregnancy, abortion, adoption and the topics surrounding them.

  • Excellence and quality evidence in the information offered.

  • A whole range of experience at your fingertips. The main 3 authors bring 120 years of combined experience in healthcare and pregnancy counselling.

  • Other global experts have contributed in specialist areas ranging from mental health to mortality after abortion and birth.