Finding  Help

For pregnancy, teenagers, parenting, adoption and after-abortion. Also  screening your pregnancy and disability in your fetus.

Online counselling is popular now because it’s more private. Many of the following sites offer this.


Pregnancy Choices Directory

Pregnancy Choices Directory at will point you to an advice centre near you. Free pregnancy testing is offered from this site. Advice centres are all over the UK.

The Mix

The Mix is a UK-based charity that provides free, confidential support for young people under 25 via online, social media and mobile.

The GP, family planning clinic and school nurse

The GP, family planning clinic and school nurse are there for you, but beware they may hurry you down the abortion route whether you have thought it over or not. (See Chapter 13 of the book ‘Teenage Pregnancy’.)

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland Love for Life helps young people value themselves, relationships and sex. Teens can text questions to a team of doctors about any aspect of sexual health or relationships: Telephone 02838 820555.




Love for Life

Love for Life offers parents practical tips and support

Pregnancy and Abortion Your Choice

Finances, housing, benefits and so on look at end of Chapter 8, ‘Parenting Explored’.Single parenting look at end of Chapter 8, ‘Parenting Explored’. HELP FOR PARENTS OF PREGNANT TEENAGERS

J. Jeffes, Unplanned Pregnancy: Talking with Teenagers

J. Jeffes, Unplanned Pregnancy: Talking with Teenagers (Hove: Lean Press, 2013). This short booklet is full of practical advice for parents of teenagers and worth reading before a problem pregnancy enters the family.



Coram, the UK children’s charity, has over 40 years’ experience in finding children families to take them for life. It is one of the largest agencies in the UK. Phone 020 7421 2600.

Adoption Matters

Adoption Matters have been helping children find their future for 70 years.

ASIST (Adoption Support in Society Today)

ASIST (Adoption Support in Society Today) started in Somerset in 1993 as a support group for families who had adopted children. ASIST works to support children, birth parents and adoptive parents. ASIST runs a national helpline and receives adoption enquiries from across the country. It is not involved in the actual adoption process but they will discuss the subject in confidence with anyone who wants to know more. The charity will also act as a ‘signpost’, referring callers to appropriate voluntary or professional organisations in their area where they can get practical help. You may wish to contact them before contacting social services which vary across the country. Helpline: 01823 282351.

Social Services

You can contact any local Social Services department within your Local Authority.

Adoption UK

Adoption UK Is a useful government site outlining the adoption or fostering process, birth parents’ rights, fathers’ rights and links to other useful sites.


Government website is a useful section for birth parents from the help site above.

Family Lives

Family Lives, formerly Parentline, is for stepparents and other parents and has been around since 1999. They have a large staff working for separated families, stepparents and parents in prison.


Debt IVA

Debt IVA for debts over £5,000.


If you feel you cannot go on . . . if you have suicidal ideas . . .TELL SOMEONE YOU TRUST NOW.

Dial 111, the NHS doorway to urgent psychiatric help.

When you suffer the loss of something close to you the shock and grief can feel overwhelming. With emotional issues after abortion, it’s better to share your feelings with someone you can trust, such as your local family doctor or a local pastor. Talk it over with other women who have been through loss, and your partner if possible.


Post-abortion counselling is available near most UK cities. Search online for one of the many post-abortion counselling services across the UK. Many will charge nothing.

Rachel’s Vineyard

Rachel’s Vineyard has centres in European countries, UK and USA.

We Are Open

We Are Open is an abortion recovery course which is run by experienced Christian professionals. We Are Open runs healing weekends and other resources for individuals and gives guidance to churches in the UK wanting to get into post-abortion care.


Image in Manchester offers a pregnancy helpline for support before and after abortion to people of all faiths or none and for those in prison. . Phone 0333 772 0237. Text 07797 803 693. Image runs an acclaimed training course for counsellors.


If you feel anxious and depressed after stillbirth, pregnancy loss or abortion loss the following can also help:

Cruse Bereavement Care

Mental Health Foundation

Mental Health Foundation has its own list of help sites:


Finding how other people felt and coped can be a real step to freeing you from isolation and low feelings. Perhaps sharing your own story can bring your feelings out as a step on the journey of healing.


NHS Choices antenatal screening tests in pregnancy

ARC (Antenatal Results and Choices)

ARC offers emotional support and non-directive counselling for people facing pain after hard pregnancy choices and provides a range of literature and information.


A Heartbreaking Choice

A Heartbreaking Choice is ‘lovingly dedicated to all who have made a heartbreaking choice’. It covers major and minor fetus problems. There are sections for spirituality and religious leaders, with stories of people coping with disability.

You can also contact your personal physician, GP and medical services.


Pregnancy counselling services, for both before, during and after abortion, are available all over the UK. Some have no faith basis and others are run by Christians but are open to people of any faith or none. The same applies in North America, Israel and Australasia. This list points to the largest only:

Rachel’s Vineyard

Rachel’s Vineyard UK and Ireland is a safe place to renew and rebuild your life after abortion. The healing weekends offer you a supportive, confidential and non-judgemental environment where women and men can deal with painful post-abortion emotions.

National calls UK: 07505 904 656 (Marene)
Midlands: 07734 059 080 (Rachel)
South East: 07851 331 816 (Pam)
South West: 07900 734 207 (Sona)
Scotland: 07816 942 824 (Andrea)
Ireland: 087 859 2877

Pregnancy Choices Directory covers the UK

Pregnancy Choices Directory covers the UK points to help centres for those facing unplanned pregnancy or after abortion.

Image Pregnancy Helpline

Image Pregnancy Helpline covers the Greater Manchester Area offering support before and after abortion to people of all faiths or none. Phone 0333 772 0237. Text 07797 803693.

Jewish pregnancy and post-abortion counselling services

Jewish pregnancy and post-abortion counselling services can be accessed using the website link below.

Pregnancy Matters at Life

Pregnancy Matters at Life is a UK charity offering pregnancy counselling and practical help with housing and baby clothes. They can be contacted by text, message or national helpline 0808 802 5433.


UCB prayer line offers a trained and confidential talk with prayer from a Christian with people of any faith or none. Ring 0845 456 7729 in the UK or 1890 940 300 in the Republic of Ireland.

Call the local church minister, Iman or other spiritual helper or helpline by searching under local churches, mosques and places of worship.

Sikh pregnancy and post-abortion counselling is not easily found in the UK. Sikhs like their stillborn babies to be given respect in burial by cremation.


Freedom in Christ

If you still feel imprisoned by regrets, think of joining a small group on the award-winning Freedom in Christ course.

The Post-Abortion Healing Course

The Post-Abortion Healing Course (written for Christians) is held at Holy Trinity Brompton, London and other churches in the UK. For details of the next course go to the website or contact or call 020 7052 0323 for further information.

The Step by Step Support Programme

The Step by Step Support Programme is a course for recovery from any form of child loss. Run by Image in Manchester (charity number 1141832) it has been developed as a resource for Christian pregnancy centres in the UK, and mainly facilitates post-abortion support. However, many centres also support clients after miscarriage, stillbirth, child loss and those in prison separated from their children. For details of pregnancy and post-abortion counselling go to the website or contact or call 0161 273 8090.

Counselling Directory

Counselling Directory is a comprehensive database of UK counsellors and psychotherapists, with information on their training, experience and fees.

Faith based Services

Other faith-based counselling services are available in many major towns in the UK. Many GP surgeries have Christians or those of other faiths on the staff. Churches have ministers, hospitals and prisons have chaplains, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship will often supply advice and counsel that can be found by phone call or by searching the web.



Pregnancy counselling and practical help for mums and babies can be found beadchaim.

In the USA, Canada, Spain, Holland, Italy and France

Rachel’s Vineyard: toll-free national hotlines: 877 HOPE 4 ME (877 467 3463).

National Hotline for Abortion Recovery: 866 482 LIFE (866-482-5433).

After Abortion offers telephone and email advice both before and after abortion. Toll-free helpline: 1 866 482 5433.